This Body Is Just A Birthday Suit

This body is not who we are. We only reside in this temple. This flesh ship can take us around the world. Peering out the eye windows watching other ships pass by.
Be delighted in this knowing that you are a piece of the God-light the soul-shine landed here to experience the physical form.

This ship can be customized by our will. This birthday suit may have arrived too big or too small maybe torn or has worn a hole. These things do not define us. This body is just the one suite we wear until our mission is complete.

The Beautiful you is what shines through.

You Are Not Your Anxiety

It’s easy to get caught up in your head and all the things you need to do.
You are not the things that need doing you are not your pain or anxiety.

Each moment is a choice of where to focus your attention. Each moment is a choice to label what you are feeling. As you label and jar up each moment are you sure the labels are correct? Maybe you have miss labeled excitement for anxiety, confusion for trying to please everyone, need for wanting.

You are not these feelings you are so much bigger and more wonderful.
You are evermore expansive and divine than your mind can comprehend.

In three minutes your breath can take you closer to your stillness.
Sit up straight, close your eyes and breathe slowly in a deep full breath. Now gently suspend the breath in as you repeat the silent affirmation three times “I am bountiful, blissful and beautiful, I am stillness”. Now exhale slowly out your nose completely and
gently suspend the breath out as you repeat the silent affirmation three times “I am bountiful, blissful and beautiful, I am stillness” Keep going for three minutes.

Open your eyes to the beautiful you.

The Changing Face Of Our Relationships

Relationships are not just something to possess. A relationship is a garden we grow.
We grow it for our friends, our family, and our special person. The most important relationship is with our higher self. When this is bountiful our love-light is strong and we have much to give.

With porn addiction ever on the rise, this has changed all of our relationships.
It’s affected our confidence and our trust in our own love-light.

Reclaiming our grace is a must for evolution. We can control our energy.
We can liberate ourselves to move in and out of our sexual strength.
Stopping this addictive behavior is just the start.
You are so much more when you learn to move that powerful energy up and shine.
You are beautiful, know this as you sit for your 3 minutes in nonjudgment.

A new day is dawning be that light.

You Are Amazing

How well do you love and are you loved?

With each breath in every moment are you:
Clinging to what you want or what you can give?
Are you responding or reacting?

The world has become a fast-paced overloaded mass of input.

Sit inside your mind, but do not think for 3 minutes.

You can truly embody love, take time 3 minutes each day.
In 3 short minutes be in this space of nonjudgmental self-assessment.

You can move beyond being a consumer and a voyeur in life to being a shining ray of love-light.
Starting with loving yourself at this moment as you are, a perfectly imperfect human being.

Everyone has something to offer. Each moment you sit in this space of nonjudgmental acceptance of your love-light this light grows stronger.

This is the love-light we give to others. With a glance, a smile you become wholly. ( A Whole Being of Light and Love)

All the Saints and Sages who have come before have given this gift. Now go embrace and embody this love and pass it on.